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Our vision is to have the capacity to respond to the challenge of achieving sustainable development via all our areas of activity, so that present and future generation enjoy a better life.

The commitment to sustainability, which defines us, is expressed through the 2020 Sustainability Master Plan, which builds on the previous plan for the period 2010-2015.

The 2020 Sustainability Master Plan is structured by global strategic and operational objectives which permeate the whole organization, with specifications for each of the businesses. This roadmap includes the company's iniatives in favor of sustainable development and the integrity of the businesses.

Areas of activity


We assume the need to collaborate with society to improve the people's quality of life through dialogue and support for the communities where we are present.

  • Over €13.7M in social contributions to the community, benefitting almost 5 million people
  • 98 projects benefiting from Social Impact Management in 25 countries
  • 1,536 volunteers have taken part in diverse initiatives in 20 countries

Climate change

We assume climate change mitigation as a strategic goal. As coherently as possible, we dedicate our investment capacity and commit to the carbon neutrality of our operations, supporting energy efficiency and offsetting emissions we cannot reduce.

  • Carbon neutral for the third year running, we offset 100% of the emissions we weren't able to reduce
  • 7% fewer GHG emissions than in 2017
  • 14.7 million tonnes of CO2 avoided


The company carries out its operations according to the precautionary principle with the aim of minimizing the impact of all industrial operations, especially relating to integrated environmental, climate and water risk management, fostering the circular economy and biodiversity conservation.
  • 295 Hm3 of treated water in areas where water is short
  • 17% of water consumed of recycled, tertiary or rainwater origin
  • 58% of non-hazardous waste generated evaluated

Good governance

Our Code of Conduct and Policy Book constitute the framework for our integrity and good governance which guarantees responsiblity in management. We establish goals in the area of human rights, ethics, corporate governance, risk management and transparency.

  • €1,154M in tax contributions
  • Double certification, ISO 37001 and UNE 19601, for ACCIONA S.A.
  • Implementation of sustainability risk methodology in 26 countries


Human capital is a priority for ACCIONA. With our employees, we share the values of respect, transparency, equal opportunities, meritocracy, continuous communication and diversity. Likewise, we promote safety and health among employees and collaborators.
  • Increase in number of women at managerial or pre-managerial level to 14% and 20.4% respectively
  • 23,172 employees have received a total of 711,838 hours of training, an average of 18.47 hours per employee per year
  • We have invested a total of €9,542,546 in training, an average of €247.58 per employee per year

Value chain

We are committed to anticipating, identifying, assessing and mitigating the risks inherent to our supply chain and guaranteeing the quality and safety of our products and services.

  • 97% of satisfied clients
  • 91% of the group's revenues are certified to ISO 9001 and 90% to ISO 14001
  • We work with 18,501 suppliers, of whom 87% local


Innovation focused on guaranteeing sustainability, a vital element in acquiring competitive advantage and creating added value for current and future business.

  • Innovation investment of €225.4M, the company's most ever
  • Innovation intensity ratio of 3.0%, above the European average (1.4%)
  • €26.6M saved thanks to improvements in our processes