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The world's cities occupy just 3% of the surface of the Earth, but half of humanity lives in them. It is estimated that 68% of the population will live in urban areas by 2050. The rapid growth of cities and increased migration from the countryside has caused explosive growth in the number of so-called mega-cities. As a result, new challenges have appeared, such as sustainble mobility and correct resource management.


Investment in infrastructure needed by 2040

Civil infrastructure

Building resilient civil engineering works to connect people

ACCIONA participates in the full infrastructure-building value chain, from identifying opportunities, design and execution, to operation and maintenance of built works.

The company employs the most advanced and innovative techniques in carrying out projects, as well as the right technologies for each job.

The quality of our services and safety are two of the criteria that maximize the company's value proposals in developing big infrastructure projects and differentiating us from the rest of our competitors in the construction sector.

Areas of activity

At ACCIONA, the development of roads and bridges involves all stages of a project: from the offer to the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure. In 2018, we won important new contracts in Norway, Australia and Spain for private customers and infrastructure funds.

5,300 km of roads and more than 600 bridges in the past 10 years

Sustainable cities

Improving lives in cities through urban development and sustainable mobility solutions

The rapid growth in urban centers requires new services. The activities ACCIONA creates and undertakes aim to improve the lives of citizens.

As well as facilitating access to essential services for life - such as energy and water - ACCIONA contributes to making cities productive living spaces of wellbeing, promoting socioeconomic development of people.

Improvement of the infrastructure network and transport connections, revitalization of urban spaces through promotion and development of housing, as well as the right management of the environment, are tackled with a sustainable focus on improving quality of life for city dwellers.

Areas of activity

The increase in city populations signifies a big challenge for mobility: bottlenecks, pollution, parking problems and a general negative impact on quality of life. ACCIONA assumes this challenge and offers sustainable mobility solutions, such as collective transport, underground infrastructure, shared and electric mobility, airport and other transport services.

We contribute to reducing traffic congestion, transport spending and journey times.

Where we are contributing to solve this challenge

  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Europe
  • Asia and Oceania
  • Africa

Flagship projects


Dubai metro

The Dubai metro project includes the extension of the Red Line from Nakheel Harbour Station to the future Expo 2020, including interchanges at both destinations and the flagship metro station at the Expo fairground. We hope to develop the use of public transport in the area, thus avoiding the use of more polluting modes.

  • Designed to be respectful to the environment
  • Equipped with full electric braking system
  • LED lights and other innovations to reduce energy use
  • Infrastructure

    Site C Dam

    This is one of the country's biggest infrastructure projects. It forms part of an energy project including a 1,100 MW hydroelectric power station in British Columbia which will help to cover 40% of electricity demand in the area. The project includes the building of an earth dam, twin derivation tunnels and 800m of compacted concrete foundations to improve seismic protection of the station.

    • 1,100 MW of renewable energy capacity
    • Storage capacity: 20 hm3
    • 450,000 homes supplied
    • Will cover 40% of the area's electricity needs
    • Will favor economic development and local job creation

    Sydney Light Railway

    As a solution to problems due to demographic pressure, ACCIONA has built the Sydney Light Railway, making citizens' lives easier and more flexible. The new infrastructure will be complete in 2019 and will include 19 stops, a bridge, tunnel, control center installations, tram depots, substations and other buildings along the line.

    • Extensive urban regeneration is planned
    • Passengers per service: 450
    • Equivalent no. of buses: 9
    • Generation of economic activity estimated: AUD 4BN

    Santiago de Chile Metro

    The Metro network of Santiago de Chile is the main transport artery of the capital. Line 3 crosses the historic center of the Chilean capital and gives access to the network to more than 660,000 people. The project consisted of the construction of the inter-station tunnels, station and workshop accesses, the ventilation shafts and connecting tunnels for the Santiago Metro, as well as the corresponding civil works for sections 1 and 2 of Line 3.

    • Sections 1 and 2 of Metro Line 3
    • Tunnel of 6.7 km
    • 5 stations

    Towoomba Highway

    The 41-km TSRC highway is an example of our mission to solve society's communication problems sustainably. It is one of Australia's biggest transport initiatives, due to open fully in the second half of 2019, which will allow for increased efficiency for freight and better quality of life for citizens, freeing the city center from heavy vehicles. The design of the TSRC took into account environmental protection and the materials used were chosen carefully from the sustainability viewpoint.

    • Estimated growth in economic activity: AUD 2,4BN during 30 years
    • Diverting nearly 80% of all heavy freight vehicles
    • Relations with local community and all stakeholders through regular meetings and use of specific communication channels

    General Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute

    The Hospital has 27,500 m2 of extension on three floors, 144 beds and space for 16 specialties. It has been built under the international standards of sustainable building and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), which certifies that the building was designed and built using strategies to improve environmental performance.

    • Capacity to attend up to 220,000 people
    • Energy self-sufficiency will be enhanced by installing solar panels on the roof
    • Structures for thermal insulation
    • A water treatment plant has been included

    Moped-sharing service

    The electric moped sharing service, using energy that is 100% from renewable sources, is the company's first shared mobility solution initiative. To date, it has been introduced in Madrid, Valencia, Hospitalet and Seville. It demonstrates the company's vocation of supporting sustainable solutions linked to infrastructure and transport.

    • Contributes to reducing CO2 emissions
    • Contributes to improving mobility, and solving traffic and parking problems
    • Reduces noise polllution
    • Improves quality of life in cities

    Santiago de Chile Airport and PPA with LATAM Airlines, 2018

    ACCIONA grew its airport services business in Chile in 2018, thanks to new agreements at Santiago de Chile airport. These include a contract to provide handling services for all Aerolíneas Argentinas operations, the LATAM ramp, 100% operational and administrative control of the Andes company, and 100% renewable electricity supply to the two main LATAM Airlines Group installations.

    • Emissions avoided: 5,850 tonnes of CO2
    • Cleaning effect greater than 292,500 trees

    Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Objectives

    Building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive, sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation
    Ensure that cities and human settlements are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
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    • Sustainable cities
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    • Sustainable Development Goals