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Our lives depend on reliable and affordable energy services, but 1 out of 8 people still do not have access to electricity, and, notwithstanding, demand is forecast to rise by 25% by 2040. But the use and generation of energy emits 74% of emissions that contribute to global warming. The challenge lies in being capable of responding to growing energy demand without contributing to climate change.


Energy infrastructure investment needed by 2040

Energy infrastructures

100% renewable energy for a sustainable energy system

ACCIONA positions itself as a key player in halting the advance in global warming and promoting the transition to a carbon-free energy model.

The company leads in the development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable assets, with a growth model guaranteed over time with 1,2 GW under construction, focused on mature, competitive technologies - windpower and photovoltaic.

In 2018, ACCIONA increased consolidated own production by 10% through the commissioning of new assets. It also won new contracts in emerging markets that open up new business opportunities for the company. During this year, ACCIONA considerably increased its customer base, to whom it offers diverse solutions and energy products: clean energy, capacity, green certification, storage, traceability of origin, distributed generation, etc.

Our positive impact on society


produced from renewable energy

+6million homes

Equivalent consumption to renewable production

14.7million tonnes of CO2

avoided thanks to renewable generation

Results by renewable technologies

MW installed
GWh produced

Where we are contributing to solve the challenge

  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Europe
  • Asia and Oceania
  • Africa

Flagship energy projects


San Gabriel wind farm

Since the end of 2017, ACCIONA has been building San Gabriel wind farm, a 183 MW facility in the region of La Araucanía in Chile, which will start operating in 2020. The model used at this installation was designed especially to optimize energy capture in low-wind locations and has been reinforced with anti-seismic technology.

  • Indirect effect on the region's economic development
  • 270,000 homes equivalent
  • Emissions avoided: 517,363 tonnes of CO2
  • Permanent contact with the community and collaboration in socioeconomic promotion initiatives

Puerto Libertad photovoltaic plant

At the end of 2018, ACCIONA completed the construction of Puerto Libertad photovoltaic complex. Wlth 405 megawatts of peak power (MWp), it is one of the largest plants in the country, and in Latin America as a whole, and the biggest renewable project ever carried out by ACCIONA worldwide.

  • Average production: 963 GWh annually
  • 583,000 homes supplied
  • Emissions avoided: 925,443 tonnes of CO2
  • Cleaning effect equivalent to over 46 million trees

Palmas Altas wind farm

United States
This is our second wind farm in Texas and 9th in the United States. Thanks to its 144.9 MW capacity, it will increase ACCIONA's windpower capacity in the country to a total of 866 MW. Its approximate investment was 176 million euros and its operation will contribute to the fight against climate change in the country, whose main source of energy is fossil fuels.

  • Capacity: 144.9 MW
  • Average production: 524 GWh
  • 43,000 homes supplied
  • Emissions avoided: 503,000 tonnes of CO2
  • Equivalent to scrapping some 100,000 cars from the roads

El Cortijo wind farm

El Cortijo is the 5th wind farm ACCIONA has in ownership in Mexico and the first renewable project completed under the Mexican energy reform. A facility of 183 MW capacity, it is located in Tamaulipas state.

  • 183 MW capacity
  • 458,000 homes equivalent
  • Annual emissions avoided: 429,000 tonnes of CO2
  • Contribution to Mexican GDP: $232M
Also, social initiatives in the area have benefited a total of 4,600 people thanks to:

  • Improved infrastructure at schools and health centers
  • Vaccination campaigns
  • Educational campaigns for children and youth on the subject of Sustainability

Mortlake South wind farm

Mortlake South is to be ACCIONA's 5th wind farm in Australia and evidence of the commitment of the country to a clean and sustainable energy future. The 157.5 MW facility will be built on clear, open and flat, mainly agricultural, land. It will increase the company's windpower capacity in the country by 36%.

  • 35 wind turbines
  • 157.5 MW capacity
  • 80,000 homes equivalent
  • Annual emissions avoided: 532,000 tonnes of CO2

Almeyda photovoltaic plant and PPA with ENAMI

Almeyda photovoltaic plant is located in the Atacama Desert, one of the regions with the most solar radiation in the world. It is destined to supply clean energy to the National Mining Company (ENAMI), making it the first Chilean company to have all its electricity consumption guaranteed from clean energy sources.

  • Emissions avoided in 2018: 162,000 tonnes a year of CO2
  • 80,000 homes equivalent
  • Forecast for emissions avoided in 2022: 300,000 tonnes of CO2

LIlyvale photovoltaic plant

This is one of the biggest photovoltaic plants to be built in Australia, with 118 MW nominal and 125 MW peak capacity. It has a surface area of around 396 hectares and is made up of 380,000 photovoltaic modules and 25 transformer houses to generate clean, renewable energy. This project is a step further in the country's commitment to sustainable development.

  • Emissions avoided per year: 175,000 tonnes of CO2
  • 45,000 homes supplied

In its continual involvement with society, ACCIONA has carried out the following initiatives this year in the area around the plant:

  • Participation of volunteers in Clean Up Australia Day
  • Monthly meetings with members of the community
  • Information days and visits by members of the community and local associations
  • Social events to raise money for the community

Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

Guaranteeing access to affordable, safe, sustainable and modern energy for all
Adopting urgent measures to tackle climate change and its effects
  • The challenge
  • The solution
  • Results by renewable technologies
  • In the world
  • Emblematic projects
  • Sustainable Development Goals